About VFL

Velthuis Farms Limited (VFL) is a family run operation that was established in 1959 and we are a Dairy and crop and recently a Beef operation. It expands over 2,000 acres in South Ottawa, Ontario and we are presently incorporating our third generation of family…

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The Wagyu beef is known for its intermuscular fats and is recognized for its omega-3 and 6. As fats are essential to a healthy diet, whichever diet you subscribe to and good fats are important. They also contribute to the taste, texture and key functions in our bodies. It is key to know that Wagyu beef…

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The history of Wagyu in Canada

It dates back to 1991 where breeders looked to register their Pure Breed Wagyu animals and by 1994 84 animals had been registered in Canada. By 1992 through Japan’s exportation where hand-picked animals based on conformation on strength of the maternal pedigree of each animal.

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